For weight loss success, Focus Action Goals

A few days ago, I took up my golf clubs for the first time in more than seven years. Fortunately, I was under the watchful eye of teaching pro Jennifer Greg Gain on Chilliwack Golf Club. In my lesson, Jennifer gave me a very concrete things to work on, such as exactly where the body should be put mine up, and a few key things to think about during my swing. Later in the morning, I will go out to play a round of golf. Instead of thinking about how right or far I hit every shot, I will focus on the swinging “down and through” and turn my body to follow through. I have an action-based goal.

Set action based goals are important when you seek to change or improve, including if you want to lose weight. When it comes to weight loss, many people tend to focus on the number on the scale, or inches lost. While these results or outcome goals are the driving forces that seek change, it is action-based goals that will get you there.

There are several reasons why you should focus on action goals against the result targets. Action targets allow you to be 100% in control of your success. With the goal as “I will lose 10 £ October 1”, the result is largely out of your control. You do not know exactly how your body will respond to exercise or eating plan. Maybe you do all the right things, but you lose only three £. Because you did not reach your goal, you can be discouraged and give up, despite the fact that many healthy choices and progress. In contrast, action focus, such as “I will go for a walk after dinner three nights a week,” or “I will eat my dinner consciously every day and watch my food in the online food diary of my daily”, allows you to experience success regardless the number on the scale or tape measure.

Focusing on the action-limits also makes travel enjoyable and positive. Author Dennis Wholey said “Happy People planning efforts, they’ll not effective.” On the golf course, I will enjoy my traffic by working on my set up and follow through, rather than be discouraged if my shot ends up in the trees. During weight loss, you can enjoy the process of celebrating the success of every day, like when you plan meals each week, or read a good book to stimulate your mind instead of heading to the refrigerator.

While the outcome goals, such as improving your golf game, or lose weight, drives us to take action in the first place, the outcome or the result is achieved by taking action steps. Without action, there are no results. To be motivated, to be in control of your success and to enjoy the process, focus on action goals rather than performance goals goals.

As I head out to the golf course, I know that no matter what my score today, I have the opportunity to experience success and enjoy the experience because I have certain goals operation. And because I have guided expert coach, I know the complete action of my goals will help me achieve my desired result: a better rating.

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